Dear Friend

We used to talk everyday those years
as I remember us I still shed tears,
we always cared much about each other
when we were together we needed no other.

We shared our problems, mostly yours
and you always presented them as worst,
I was always your favorite adviser
you made me feel like I was much more wiser.

In this long journey, you suddenly disappear
and my voice is something you can no longer hear,
years long friendship came to and end
and I am still not sure whom to blame.

You always took our friendship for granted
Seems like my company was not what you wanted,
you no longer ask for my advice any more
you seem happier in your life than before.

I just wanted to say that I miss you
I miss our endless talks and laughs too,
and If you miss me like I do
I hope you know I will always be there for you.

About Author:

Name :- Shreya Pokharel
Instagram :- @_shreya_ayerhs 
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