Mom is it a girl’s fault that rape happens?

March 18, 2018

“Mom is it a girl’s fault that rape happens?” I asked.

“Should you be asking me this question? I raised you better than that.” She replied

“ Mom, words and actions are not always the same.” I answered back

“Are you all right ? What’s wrong with you ?” My mom asked me.

“Okay Ma, here is the catch. I am in love with this beautiful girl. By beautiful means, not the way she looks or the way she dress. She has a heart of an angel. She goes to old age home and talk to elder people. She infact runs a small convent for differently abled people. She cooks for them and she educate them. And  i met there, for the first time.”

I paused and i was shaking as i was saying these words.

“ Go ahead! Complete your story. “ she encouraged me.

“ when i met her, she was this cool woman who had no worries. Lots of fans on social media and all these stuff. But then  i got to know her, as a person, i made my way into her life. But she had walls around her heart. And a story behind her fake smile. And i learned. She was forced into acts by her previous lover. She didn’t tell anyone at that moment. Because she was afraid that it will bring shame to her family. And she would be judged all her life for something she didn’t do. 

My mom stopped me and asked,
“What did you say to her?”

“I told her that i didn’t care about it while i was falling in love with her, and now that i am in love with her. It does not matter. She didn’t do anything wrong. It wasn’t her fault. And i promised her that i will always respect her as a woman. And she will always be the queen in my life. And i will do everything to make her happy. But she said my mom, as in “you” won’t accept her for her past. And she wants your permission, before we continue our relationship. “
And my mom was silent for a moment and she started, “ Do you mean everything that you said to her? Do you love her so much ? And will do everything to make her happy ?”

And i replied, “ Yes, i do. She is an amazing person. You will love her. But she is afraid you won’t agree.” 

“Then let’s prove her wrong. Call her up for lunch tommorow.” She brushed my hair and smiled. 

——-//// Mom: She will always be an inspiration

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