Tribute to the demised of Syria

February 27, 2018
(OMAR AL-KHANI/AFP/Getty Images)

What a hell of human
a demon holding a gun
Syrian child pep through 
fissure of broken brown
frantic cry smash with
unkind and worthless tone.
as buds thresh
nonflowring one
no rays of peace
on syrian dawn
shivering and shake
fear and frightened
ruthless demons
rulling on the fake
the child puzzled
on the toil of pain
why that is happen
time and again
running and hiding
screaming and smashed
infant know nothing
reasons of crashed
child is burried
under the pile
agony pass
desert of vile
how can we see
lets think to be
a syrilian child
no option there
back to the wild .
you civilize man
boundry and ban
amputate child
hide and happen
powder of dust
bouncing on brust
years ago parents lost
scratch and stricken
a baby has to be
errupting of pain
torn child see
what a humanity
hid and seek
balls of bomb
stain of blood
pasting more thick
cries of child
aged and old
shameful demon
shameful world .
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