Feel, Deal. Heal

“And i see a lot of people having relationship issues, a whole lot of teenagers, thinking end of a relationship is the "End" of happiness. Mutual relationship and using the term "Used" after seperation. Is this what a country wants from us ? Teenagers ? Being drunk on the neat whisky of love and never going to be sober again ? Is life worth nothing more than a failed relationship ? I admit, after years of togetherness, its difficult. But life is much more than that. I have been in a failed relationship. Numbness wasn't what i bought along with it. I moved on, i did little things, like taking an orphan to a movie, buying food to homeless. Giving my time to friends going through illness. Because in the end, no one can complete you. Nobody can make you happy. Its your choice to be happy or sad. 
After birth, one thing is upright sure, Death. Everything in between is a habit. Good or bad. And you can always change it. There is more to life than relationship. Every time i become sad, i used to take my wallet out, see my little brother, and smile because he is the one i adore. My parents are the one who gave me everything. So i could smile. And seeing them would calm me down. 
As you grow up, you see friends getting into that cozy relationship and you feel the urge sometimes, but being in a relationship shouldn't be about succumbing to peer pressure. And somehow our society has gotten it in our head that, marriage is a prefers life trajectory that everyone should follow. But if that thing doesn't feel right for you. You don't have to do it. 
Go to movie with friends, play your favorite sport, read books, watch TV, want to make more money ? Work hard. Do everything you feel right. And never regret over the decision you make, because those things were the only thing you ever wanted in life at that moment. Above all, if nothing works right, sleep it through.”

I hope this one works. 
Thank you.

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