An Open Letter to My Lost Love

Dear lost love,

We are not together anymore but, I still visit ur profile each night before I go to sleep. I still check my inbox every morning, wishing if there are any texts from you. I know I shouldn't be jealous, you're not even mine. But I still get jealous when someone comments "Looking Preety/Hot" with love emoticons on your snaps. I still cry every night to bring back those faded days. I still go to the places, where we used to meet. I still try to find you in that every drop of rain. I still read those late night conversations when the only thing in between us was LOVE. I still look for your arms to hold on. I still look for your shoulder to cry on. I still wish to hug you when am about to cry. Rain still reminds me of yuh. Every place, every small thing reminds me of you. I still have those love words which you wrote to me when we were in love. I still smell the fragrance of your hair in this air. I still look for your eyes in these 7 billion people. I still look for your hands to hold me when am walking carelessly on these busy roads. I still want you badly. I still try to forget you with every cigarette I smoke, but instead it reminds me of you which kills me more. Am dying to be in your arms. I still hope to be together someday. We both are doing things once we promised we'll never do, that is parting ways.And here, I still am in love with you. You are still in love with me. I am still there. You are still there. We still crave for each other, but only in my dreams and memories.

Yours Forever,
The one, whom once you loved the most.
Love you ❤️️

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Name :- Poozan Timilsina
Instagram :- @poozan15 
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