Self Belief

People often don't realize being alone is not being isolated from someone or from something we love but it is an opportunity for us to explore which we couldn't have done when we were in togetherness. No one really cares about what we think or do in our lives. Though we are living together in a society yet completely isolated. Everything we see or feel is not as real as it seems. We all are alone, and its an opportunity that we discover ourselves first. We must bring the change in ourselves, because nothing is permanent in this world, not even our own soul is permanent.

We drift through our memories like a sailing boat in the vast ocean of illusion and desperation, looking for that perfect moment to define ourselves "what we truly are". We all people at some point in life have been hurt, scattered and broken into many pieces. But we must understand that every broken pieces of ourselves gives us a different perspective to see our lives. From outside we may seem to be fairer but - are we ? We carry those scars and we keep hold of it until it spreads all our bodies till we no longer resist. We worry too much and work too less. We are like a Greek Myth " Narcissus" drowning in self belief

About Author:

Name :- Ankit Kayastha Karna
Instagram :- @Ankeetkayasthakarna 
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