Doing nothing is okay.

Friend: Hey Suruchi, how are you doing?
Me: Hi pooja. Everything is good. Doing nothing much.
Friend: So you are a graduate now, congrats. What is the next plan? Post graduation or marriage? Or job? Your family must be looking for a son in law now, I heard about it from your neighbor aunty.
Me: No no. Not yet dear. It just may be a gossip because girls supposed to get married after graduation in our society. But I told my parents that i want to do nothing for some time may be this whole year. I am not planning anything. Neither marrige nor further study, no jobs. Literally nothing.
Friend : Nothing! Why is that? (in strange voice)
Me: ummm. Yeah, i have planned to do nothing for almost a year.
Friend : How doing nothing make sense?How could you plan to do nothing for about a whole year? I am not satisfied with your answer. If you do not want to tell me then its okay. But don't give stupid answers. I know something is going inside your head. I am your childhood friend after all. Nobody in our group used to have a perfect forward plan than you.
Me: Why do you think i would hide anything from you dear. I told you straight. I want to take a time to figure out what i really want to do. My life always kept going in rush and run.
Schoolingentrace preparation for best college-collegeentrance preparation for best medical college—four years of graduation and………….
22 years of my life has passed without a notice to what i love to do. Till now i did what my parents wanted me to do and what a girl from our society is supposed do. But now..……..
I want some time to figure out what i really want to be. I Don't know weather i am late for it or not but i don't want to regret about it later. I have time to get married and do post graduation. I don't even need a job. I will be at home doing my own stuffs which i was ignoring since after childhood- dance, piant, write and so on. I don't care what other will gonna think because now i have realized what matters to me in my life.
Friend : (Listening to me carefully)
Me: i hope you're getting my point now. You know well that i love to dance, but never got a chance to go dance school. I wanted to do paint but my hands were always full of homework copies. I wanted to solo travel but never freed of exams. Now after graduation i am free of these stuffs. Now is the time to look for want i want do. And I'm making a list of what i want, for this i have planned to do nothing, i need some time. A break to my self for figuring out what are my desires. And then i will plan how to get them.
Friend : Interesting. You are no more the person who always have a plan ready jump into. You're changed.
Me: Changed or whatever you call it. I finally have some insights. I am not gonna run the race everyone does, i have my own path, i can take steps according to my wish not according to what people think, where will be people of my race years later as compared to me or the perfect age of marrige and all. There is more to discovere inside me. I will do this.
Friend : Hmmm. I am thinking i should too get some insights in this topic. I aslo want to sing and play guitar.
Me: Me too wanna learn guitar. Give me a high five!
(high five)
Friend : yeah we should joint guitar class together. But right now i am hungry. Let's have some insights on food too.
(both laughed)
Me: oh right. Lets go.
(The End).

Doing nothing is underrated. To most of the people doing nothing means jobless, no future or stucked. For them doing nothing would not be a plan.Where i believe doing nothing is not always related to having no future plan.
We run and win a race then again another race then another. We do not stop due to fear of being behind of people who we suppose running in the same race. But in fact each person has his own race. We should stop comparing to them and start focusing what are our inner desires, what is the meaning of our life and our own life path.
Sometimes its okay to quite the regular work pattern and do nothing for a while to find true meaning of life and better self. Life is not any race. We do not necessarily have to graduate at 24, married at 26 and get children before 30. We should take our time to unleash our own potentials. Doesn't matter when will we get our meaning of life and what it will be. Its gonna make sense later. Because at last moment of life our soul will only value true self satisfaction.
Thank you.

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