What Life Taught Me Till Now

September 11, 2017

*Never dim your light because other person is uncomfortable. You're born to shine brighter.

*Litsen to elder's advice and think about them deeply. Most of the time they are right and can save you from making a wrong decision or a disaster.

*Don't lock up yourself into a room thinking that no one love you. Go outside, take adventure, dare to speak to new people and walk alone. Find your happiness yourself. Don't rely on other.

*Don't judge too quickly.

*Respect is everyone's birth right. Respect is for every age, every gender, every profession, every culture, every living beings.Don't insult anybody's disabilities or weaknesses. They may not be multitalented but can be specialist in one.

*Habits make the personality. How do you spend a day defines you. Thinking is also a habit.

*Action speaks louder than words.Watch people carefully than trusting that what they say is so true.

*Be nice but not a fool. Don't let clever people take advantage of you and manipulate you.

*Observation is great tool for learning anything. You want to do something or want to be something, observe the process. Practice comes after that.

*Control your mind otherwise it will control you.

*Do not stop learning new skills. You never know when you will need them.

*Don't lower your self respect for anyone or anything.

*Your birth and life is not an accident. You are meant to have a goal and meaning of your life. Find it as soon as possible.

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Name :- Suruchi Gupta
Instagram :- @suruchiigupta 
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