A Letter to the Younger Me

A letter to the younger me 

Dear younger me,
Back then you think life is beautiful only ups and no downs. Life is a fairy tale where you meet your price charming and  happily married forever . You think you can easily differentiate between good and bad: good people and bad people , good things and bad things.

I am sorry to break your warm and soft heart but everything told when you were a child is a lie. Expectations hurt so i want you to know and be prepared that the worst thing in life can happen to you.

You need to be prepared that life is full of ups and downs but mostly downs. It is hard to differentiate between good and bad cause in the real world even the bad things seem good.And let me tell you the prince charming does not quite exist .There are gonna be a lot of guys who are gonna seem like the prince charming but they are not . The guys, most of them are there to break your heart and make you feel worthless .But everything is gonna be fine is how people are gonna console you .Make right decisions cause they really matter in the future.You need to compromise and sacrifice on things.You never know the cruel intentions of people to hurt you.Life is a total mess .So stop being soft and warm and good mostly start being strong because the strength is what is gonna be most required to live your life. You are gonna be surrounded by many people but there are always gonna be your parents and some true friends to support and inspire you .Never loose hope and live life to the fullest cause you never know when  the last day of your life is.Love and respect the one that are always there for you.And always give respect to take respect .Life is not easy but it is always worth it . Hope to see you do good in the future.

Your older self.

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