What matters is how you think! (Workout)

Damnnn!!! I want that an hour glass body. This is it! I ain't gonna
drink no more. Cut-off carbs, no weekend. No ice cream. U have had enough
Girl, get your ass off from that couch. (Fully motivated) Apparently.

(by the end of the day ) tring tring my girl goes! Hello, I broke up, f* I

wanna get pissed, what you up to tonight? Me: gimme an hour, (after 3 hours)
I think we should invent a giant wine bottle like a glass, no nozzle just
drink up from the bottle. What say bae? She- (laughs out loud) Cheers! You
are genius.

This is the everyday battle. Well, we have got this onetime non-guaranteed
life, gotta find a reason to enjoy and cherish no matter it's a food or
drink or gym. Do not compromise with that! Find happiness in everything you
do either Work out or hang out. But as long as you keep up with hard work
and stability nothing can unnerve your guts. Don't train yourself just a
month before summer to get into bikini body. (Addressing women) It is a
state of being healthy and fit. No matter what size you are, you are
beautiful in your own way.

Everyone has a tough life. And we come over of it. You can be excused and
it's perfectly okay. You skip gym someday and cover up on the other day.
But Don't get obsessed to build up yourself just for an eye-appealing body.
Work out, not just for a result but make it a never ending process. Always
Remember mental health is more important than your physical health. (Don't
wind up)

Ok go now. Choice is all yours. And anyways it will never be too late to
START! :))

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