To Everyone Who is Going Through Depression

To everyone who is going through depression,
I know how it feels. I know you are suffering. I know you are drowning.. Droning into ocean! You are asking for help, screaming and raising your hand, just with the hope that someone will hold it and pull you out.
But instead, You are paranoid with the thought of everyone watching and laughing at you.You feel alone in that crowd. You feel like nobody will ever listen to your screams and then you keep on drowning down, down and down and then slowly you give up asking for that one hand to hold you. You come to this point where you find no escape. You feel like you don’t matter at all.
And all of a sudden after you give up, you feel something...Something that is trying to pull you under that ocean. At first, you try to swim away, but after a while, you become comforted with it. Subconsciously, you start swimming in areas where it’s easier for that thing to grab your ankle and pull you down.
The fact that they are trying to harm you becomes irrelevant, because you’re so much used to that feeling that you can’t functeion without it. You see no way forward. You start drowning deeper and deeper.
And as you look back to where you fell from, which is where you knowyou need to get back to. You can see it receding further into the distance, the proverbial light becoming dimmer and dimmer, while the shaft into which you are falling becomes deeper, darker, and all more enveloping.
Down there, You find darkness all around you. There is no ladder to climb for help and get out of it. Its so dark and inescapable place. You are being locked in a place with no light, windows or door. It’s so dark you can’t even see your hands infront of your face. You are trapped in the darkness feeling cold and numb. You are trapped into deep dark sea.
And all of a sudden you see a mirror reflecting, You see your image reflacting on that mirror. It feels sad to look at your condition. Like mouring the death of someone you once loved – you. When you look in the mirror you see only dead eyes. There is no spark. No joy. No hope. You wonder how will you manage to exist another day.
There comes a void of silence. It has stolen your confidence and now you no longer feel you are worthy of anoyne’s love. Depression calls your name and makes you have awful thoughts.
It makes you feel like you are a tiny seed stuck at the bottom of a pot plant, the more you try to grow and break free, the more dirt and soil falls on you, soffocating you and pushing you down. I know it feels it all!
People whold say, depression is darkness with no hope for light. But actually, Depression is being puled intor darkness and forgetting that light ever existed. I know everything, I know it all! I know this is hard but thins is not the end. Don’t give up in that darkness.
Don’t let darkness win over you. This is not the end of your journey. Trust me, You can rise above it. You are not alone. There are thousands of more people fighting their battle and if you give up then they will give up someday too.
Ending your life and giving up is not a solution. Your life is not only yours life but it is connected with so many lives. Don’t overdose your depression. Live for the people who loves you.
Live for the mom who went through so much of pain just to bring you into this world. Who always gave you last piece of cae even if she hadn’t had a bite of it. Who kept you on her lap and sing a lullaby until you fall aslep. It was your exam but it was her who woke up all night and made coffee for you. Who took care of you when you got sick.
Live for the dad who worked hard just for your better future. Who always showed you right way when you turned wrong. Who fulfilled all your wishes and expensive gadgets and vacation just for your smile. Who travelled in bus but brought a bike for you. Who sacrificed all his life just to make yours better. Who struggled a lot just because his child wont have to suffer.
Live for the brother or sister who tolerated all your tantrums. Who always protected you. Who always saved you from parents when you came home late and scored low marks. Who gave you their new dresses to wear on just because you loved it.
Live for that friend who planned to live on same apartment in future and celebrate every night with laughter and fun. Who always made sure you are doing fine. Live for all those loved ones, who will miss you after you will be gone!
And if there is nobody to live for, then live for the person you see in ther mirror. The person inside you. Live for that person who is begging you to live. Live for yourself! Live for that 10 years old you, who promised to fly like superman one day.
Live for that 20 years old you who promised to earn big and become popular someday. Live for yourself, who always hugged during dark hours and jumped in happy days. Don’t let those dreams get buried along with your body. Don’t suffer! Don’t let that beautiful soul die!
Speak up if there is something pulling you down. Speak up about your condition and you will heal oneday for sure. No sadness is worth your life so don’t end it. Look around and you will see thousands of reason to be happy about. Life is so much beautiful.
Learn to love yourself, If you don’t then who will? Accept the situation that you are in and take a deep breathe. Look into the mirror and see the person inside it, It needs your help. It needs you to get through it and you are the only one who can help it out. Don’t suffocate yourself into this box of depression. Come out from it and see how beautiful the world is.
There might be many things that will push you hard and drag you down but don’t give up. Don’t be a looser. Don’t make yourself a victim. Don’t seek for sympathy. Its easy to blame the situation but it takes courage to thank that situation for making you stronger. Stand up and swim out of that deep dark sea.
You will slowly get out from it and a bright light will waiting for you at the shore. You will be happy again and you will be thankful for your life. Its okay to be broken, Everyone does but don’t make that thing, “your weakness”!
You are always welcomed to share with me if anything is pulling you into depression. Don’t feel hopeless, you will get out of this. And trust me, I will hold your hand and pull you out from that deep dark sea, for sure. Just give me that hand to catch on.
And everyone reading this, Next time you see someone sad, indifferent or detached, just give them a hut. A tight hug would do the needful.
Maybe this won’t pull them away from the ‘idea’ for forever, but will give them enough time to take an action and think.
As, sometimes a word, an action, a scene, a scen and even a touch makes a difference. Lets save all the people going through depression. Lets make a difference together. Don’t ignore if you see someone sad. Don’t make fun of their condition. Listen to them. At least be with them and you might be the reason to save their life. Hold the hand thats asking for help.
Depression is far more severe than just feeling “sad”. It is soul sucking illness that claims nearly a million lives yearly worldwide. So if you know someone who has it, don’t just tell them to simply “get over it”. Instead, listen to them, support them and most importantly be their friend.
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