mereplay and wished

August 01, 2017

Between all these to be doctors and to be engineers. There is an 
artist who loves Zoology classes just because he can pour his heart out
here. There is an athelete sitting beside the window, calculating her
relative velocity. There is a dancer in the middle row who dances to the
rhythm of life. A singer who can touch people’s heart with his
scintillating voice. There is photographer, maybe he sits beside you. He
looks at the microbes through the microscope when all he wants to do is
analyze the world through his lens. there is a writer with messy hair and
messier thoughts. Writing down unnecssary equation; equation of life.

All these are their dreams. Dreams which have given them HOPE in their dark
days. Dreams they are too afraid to tell the world for the fear of being
called illogical.

Alas! How sad would it be to see them grow up to be independent thinkers and
not puppets of the society. It would be selfish of them to abandon their
promising future for their happiness. They would have to hide their face in
shame if they became what their hearts told them to be.

Because we all have dreams.

But so do our parents

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