Love Yourself

August 12, 2017

Love your self, because no one else will if you don't.

Do not keep any reason (regrets, fear, past or anything) with you to hate yourself. There is no point to keep disliking oneself. You can overcome regrets, fear or past events, its not a big deal. But you cannot go further with hate. We human race are born to make mistakes. Nothing in the universe is flawless. We become happy when we start appreciating the flaws and feel awesome. That is being flawsome.

In Photo :- Gabrial Conte

We are born to dwell the world alone. That's why it is necessary to love and respect our soul and our body. The imperfections can be modified and turned into power. We only have to look for the way to keep improving ourself. As we start feeling that we are being better than yesterday we also will start to love ourselves. For that we have to accept ourself as we are, appreciate what we have and raise a level of respect for ourself. Then keep pushing to learn new things. 

Love for yourself will increase with each effort you put in to the favor of yourself.

About Author:

Name :- Suruchi Gupta
Instagram :- @suruchiigupta 
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