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August 20, 2017

I’ve suffered alot, I’ve been through disasters, I’ve been hurt, I’ve cried to fullest, I’ve hated my people time and again, I hate India and indians, chinnu vayo ni ma ko ho? I’m an ordinary Nepali Citizen, born and raised in Nepal. I’ve been taught that Nepal is the most beautiful country in world though it’s a fact that since birth all I’ve seen around is misery, people dying due to lack of basic facilities, fights, unnecessary political brawls, dying greenery and pain in people’s eye. And irony is we nepalese get the most beautiful smile in our faces for simple reasons, we don’t need much of miracle to be happy. We become happiest human being in planet when we get electricity for 2 hours, when there’s water in tap, when government announces public holiday, when Nepal beats India in any sports event. I can say without any doubt that we Nepalese are the happiest human species in this planet.
I am from the country where politics is more about earning money rather than developing the nation, the country where people still die due to minor diseases like fever, diarrhoea and dysentery, the country where corrupts rule the nation and nationalists die everyday, the country where we welcome foreigners with open heart but hesitate to welcome a Nepali proletariat, the country where we find millions of nationalists all over internet hitting #backofindia but when it comes to perform something hardly 100 of them appear, the country where no one prefers government services but everyone wants government job.
I’ve heard a lot about our ancestors fighting against British then fighting for British in world wars. Its strange how our ancestors fought for foreign country and we work in foreign too, the difference is our ancestors did it for British but we spreaded ourselves all around glove.

Yeah I am from the land of Buddha, land of Mt.Everest, land of great Gorkhas, land known for peace, land full of amazing history. But WTF is history going to do for us now? Why are we so much proud about Buddha, Mt.Everest and ancestors till date? Why ain’t we trying to do anything to make ourselves proud? In the phase of time when world is curious about Universe, living planets, advance technologies; Nepalese in village gets happy to see a bus riding to their village. We get happy that government constructed a seasonal road to new village; Yet, you can’t deny Nepal is the land of smiling faces; where do you think people smile with lack of proper electricity, lack of road access, lack of food, lack of basic medical facilities, lack of proper schooling facility. Where will you find people smiling even when people die of disasters like landslide and flood every year and government does nothing new to stop these. But Country will develop soon coz newly elected Mayors have promised us to release budget for a lot more development projects and add that to personal bank accounts. 

Yeah! I am from this heavenly place called Nepal which is no less than any hell!

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