Hey Girl, The Girl I Love.....

August 05, 2017

This is not a poem, nor a story, nor bunch of words
This is my feeling that I always wanted to pour
My love that I wanted to shower
I'm sorry if this is totally unexpected,
But these are my feelings I had collected, for years now
I wanted to deliver this to you somehow
Hey girl, The girl I love.....

The very first day I saw you,
It wasn’t a mall nor a facebook wall, not even a school nor a Istanbul
Yeah it wasn’t even a play ground, but girl I’m glad that I found
Found someone I could fall for
Tried my best to follow her, get introduced to her,
ask her her name, ask her if I could be her friend
Sadly I couldn’t, for the reason that I’m not brave enough
I’m sorry that I’m not the kind of guy who talks to someone unknown so easily
Now you know that clearly babey, the kind of introvert I am...

But this is not the end of lovestory of a guy
Who has been single for long time now,
Who has been ignored for 18 years and still adjusted some how
And who felt wow for a special girl now....
Failed introducing myself to you that day,
I went back home, thinking about the girl in gray
Planning about the ways, how I would meet you again,
I thought tomorrow I’d go to that park again,
I couldn’t stop thinking about you, you were all over my brain
Looking at clock and regretting its still more than 12 hour remained

Next day morning, I took a shower,
Wore my best dress, making myself ready I took an hour,
Practicing my introduction again and again coz I didn’t want to sound sour,
I remember it was 4pm in the evening, the blue sky that looked so pure,
But i know my heart was purer, Dreaming about us being together
I rampped to the park and went to the place I saw you yesterday
Praying that you’d come back again
Waited for an hour, its already 6, ohh no it's now 7
but my hopes didn't go anyway down,
Yeah you finally appreard, Waiting for 3hours was not a big deal,
but this is the part where I feel scared,
coz talking to someone unknown was not east for an introvert like me,
I know my heart was pure but you had no idea who I was...
For you, I was just one of those crows in the park
But for me, you were the bueatiful dove in between those 7 billion crows....

After a moment a little bit of conversation,
or lack of conversation may be, I finally knew the name to write on my heart
Trust me darling, talking to you was like a dream coming true for me
Yeah I searched you on facebook, took a moment to stalk you
I smiled all the time, messaged you a “hi!”
Thank god that you replied, fast enough so that we could have a little more conversation that night!

I was more than happy that day, wide smile all over my face,
Your name all over my head, and this heart waiting to see you the next day,
Now that I knew your timing for evening walk, I planned to walk at the same time
Coz seeing you was special for me, while walking I wished to have alot of talk,
You know it has been my habit and hobby, to stalk you

IDK if you really love me
I know you never told me that but
Deep inside in my heart, I feel like you love me more than I do
Though I don’t have any clue where the hell this thoght entered my mind
I know that you are kind, may be you don’t want me to get hurt
Is that the reason you talk to me, if so please give me an aleart
Hey girl, The girl I love.....

Did I tell you, talking to you all night is heavenly thing,
I don’t want anyone to take your that time from me
Infact I dont anyone to take you away from me ever
Now that its clear that I love you,
Babey will you be mine forever?

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Name :- Sandesh Shah
Instagram :- @sandesshah 
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