An Open letter to my love!

August 09, 2017

Hey Love,
So it’s been more than 18 years we are in relationship now, and not even a single moment you made me feel unloved. I know back in our early days I was paralyzed and yet you didn’t let me feel that I lack anything. Days I was not able to move my legs, when I was not able to go to bathroom you brought the bathroom to me. When I was not able to feed myself, you never left me hungry. May be I don’t remember but I know my paralyzed body back then lived a prince’s life. I know when I didn’t even understand your words, couldn’t utter a single letter; you used to talk to me for hours so that I won’t get bored. It’s priceless that even when I used to cry for no reason at 3 am and disturb your beautiful sleep, you didn’t feel angry for a single moment and thought of amazing ideas to make a crying baby smile.

I am sorry how could I even imagine to harm this body for a girl who knows nothing about my feelings, cares nothing about this body. I am sorry that I didn’t realize you own this body more than me myself coz its you who gave me the body, its you who fed me when I couldn’t even move my hand from plate to mouth, its you who kept this body clean everyday, its you who kept me safe from everything in this universe, its you who taught me smile. I am sorry that I forgot the eyes that were only known with tears, It’s you who taught them the charm of happiness. I am sorry that I was about to lose that smile, that charm for no reasons. I am sorry that I forgot the tongue who probably only knew to shout “whaaaa!!! whaaaa!!!” its you who taught them to spell “I love you” and I am sorry that I never said it to you. I AM SORRY MOM! I am sorry that I never saw your genuine love in between these thousands of fake profiles.
I am sorry for everything and I Love You M❤M, I really do!

Your son who loves you the most!

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