July 06, 2017

I am who I am. I am nothing, at the same time I am everything. I am no one, also everyone. I am not the picture of how you sketch me in your brains. I am not the pretender of your thoughts. I am not the expectations of society. I am no slave to humankind. I am free. I am real. I am a bird that hovers above skies. I am a fist to swim the deepest depth of lands. I am a rose scattering the truest definition of fragrance. I am a beautiful imagination.
Yet, sometimes I am considered a curse. My wings cut open. My fins torn apart. My flower stinks. I am an obscene sight. I portray filth next to humankinds. I am chained. I am caged to others speculations. I am cuffed by society. I am a tear. I am a gloom. I am a disgrace. I am an actor of else’s belief. I am unreal.
Just then, don’t let go of me. Hold this hand and befriend my soul. In time you shall carve me real again. I shall turn a moon. I shall wind a star. I shall blue the sky. I shall possible, the impossible.

And maybe I am only human, but deep inside, I am magical. 
We all are.

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Name :- Sailesh Bikram Kshetri (LSM)
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