To Everyone Who is Broken

To everyone who is broken,
It’s okay, It’s okay to feel sad. It’s okay to cry out loud. It’s okay to listen to your sad lonely playlist all over again. It’s okay to feel that emptiness. It’s okay to do everything that release your anger and frustration over that situation. It’s okay to lock your room and scream out loud your pain. Be destructive or be silent. Just do everything that helps you to get over it! Take your time to feel it all. But just don’t run away. Don’t run away from these things, but accept them. Don’t let these things hunt you but Acknowledge them for making you stronger.

You might now feel like, You are the only one going through all this but look around. There are thousands of people struggling and fighting their own battle and then getting scars and bruises of pain and heartbreaks. Don’t ever feel like the whole pain is in your lonely shoulder and nobody will ever understand you. There might be people who are going through more hard situation but still rising and holding them self strong so you are not alone in this sadness!

There is one good thing about this bad time and that is, the time is temporary. It won’t last forever. You just need to calm yourself down and move on. Don’t hold onto things that hurt you. Things that don’t value you anymore. Things that is not important at all. Let those good memory be part of you and those bad memories go away. Let them go. Let those pain go away. Moving on is not easy as it seems but it’s not impossible as well. Don’t let the fear of you falling apart crash you down. Always give yourself, the first priority. It’s not called being selfish but it’s called caring yourself. Its called loving yourself. If you don’t care and love yourself then who will? Don’t give anybody that strength to control over you. Don’t ever do that.

Don’t ever beg for what’s gone. That only makes you weak and lowers your self esteem. Be bold and bright because there are thousands of reason to be happy about rather than holding onto that one thing which constantly breaks you down. Life is full of surprises and it might surprise you with beautiful things in coming days but holding onto the darkness won’t let you see the bright sunlight infront of you.

It might be though right now but instead of falling apart, collect yourself. Understand your goals and dreams of your life and don’t let that one “bad thing” ruin your all “good thing”. Life doesn’t stop there, but its your new beginning with new you who is more strong and more determined and more happy. This is your journey and you are the one who owns it so don’t ever let anyone put that bad influence on your life. You are not broken, You are getting stronger and this is what life is about

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