July 16, 2017

I am a teen,
Quite depressed of life,
The love I didn’t get and the love that I gave,
Stories that I’ve shared and the stories that I erased
Yeah a depressed teen,
someone who’s sadness has never been seen......

I am a teen,
Who gets crush on every other guy I see
May be no one likes him but I feel like my heart beats for him
May be for the cuteness or the sexy body that no one sees
IDK why I love being together with him,
I don’t care, even if it happens just in my dream

I am a teen,
Who’s addicted to Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat
I upload all my photos online,
Yet I’m in my room all the time, I message all my Facebook friends
Yeah I barely get any replies,
Every smiling emojis roaring out my lies.... 

I am a teen,
Who hates reading course book,
Even though my days full of reading novels and stories full of rife,
Yeah I read blissful stories that never loop out in real life
I hate reading course books, even though I write...
Yeah I write all my untold stories calling it a fiction and stories everyone love reading,
But only these empty walls know about drops of tear my eyes had given
The last night while recalling the times
I hated to share

I am a teen,
My days busy Stalking my ex, celebrity crushes and surfing YouTube
Yeah I feel sorry for every wrong thing that I do,
Yeah I am scared of my future; I want to do it better
Coz I don’t want my parent’s expectation to drop,
I don’t like my ex talking shits about me, yeah I try my best not to give it a fuck;
 IDK why but trust me dude it still hurts.....

I am a teen,
Yeah I’ve most beautiful smiles on my face that everyone praises and
I know I can do anything to hide these deep scars on my heart,
But I know I won’t let these scars to burst it
Just for someone who has no feelings for me and left me apart;
I know I have to keep it safe for someone coming on my way to let it flourish, so you can find me cheering my heart closed in my room “c’mon heart you can do it”

I am a teen,
My nights are sleepless and so are the days;
But morning that’s full of dreams; fairytale dreams instead,
Being an South Asian, I don’t like chapatti nor plates of rice and dal; “Ice-cream” that’s all in my head
My life no less than any trigonometric equation,
Trying to solve this; my days feels to be hectic
IDK how is it possible coz all day all I do is lie on my bed....

I am a teen,
I wait for vacation all my school days but do you know what
On the very second day of my vacation I miss my friends
All my vacation works left untouched, the love for vacation that turned to hatred, Did I tell you after that “I hated vacations”
I missed the my school sessions, singing national anthem then feeling proud of my nation, being with friends and all those stupid conversations.....
I missed them a lot.....

I am a teen,
And did I say you I question myself everyday
“Am I loved?”, “Will I be missed if I am gone?”, “Am I important?”
IDK why do I keep thinking about this, May Be I need an informant
May Be I feel lonely, May Be insecure, May Be I feel unloved,
May Be I am unloved......
May Be I am just a teen......

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Name :- Sandesh Shah
Instagram :- @sandesshah 
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