June 15, 2017

 “SHE” just a normal English word made of 3 letters. But this SHE is not a normal she, not a normal English word made of 3 letters. “SHE” took away my heart the very first time I saw her, tbh it was not taking away, SHE snatched away my heart that day. Not every SHE does this on very first look right? That’s why this SHE was unusual.

“SHE” with sweetness that would fade away sweet of honey, her cuteness that no one would notice angel beside her, beauty that could fail the nature. Yet this she was INSECURE, insecure about the love, her family, her past, her future and the one who snatched away my heart on very first look; yet insecure about her look, the look that make this earth look poor, the look that could teach moon lessons of fairness, the look that every angel demands for, the look that gives her parents desire to live life. Yet this SHE is not HAPPY; not happy of her career; not happy of her life, Life that the society gave her, the life that’s love less, the life between office cabin and bed room.
The goodness looking SHE was full of torment, yet SHE smiles, smiles at world who restricts her dreams, restricts her speak, limits within 4 walls of home; yet she smiles, smiles at her uncle who harassed her at 9, smiles at her teacher who catcalled her at 10, smiles at boys who tease her, smiles at the society who leaves her helpless, smiles at friends who ignore her every time.
Yes SHE is unhappy, yes SHE is full of torment, yes SHE is insecure; yet SHE gifts the most beautiful smile to this universe. The unusual “SHE”.

About Author:

Name :- Sandesh Shah
Instagram :- @sandesshah 

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