The One Who Loves Her Next

June 15, 2017
The one who loves her next,
Here are some things you must know about her.

She doesn’t open up easily, so don’t get offended when she’s crying but refuses to share it with you. She is dramatic at times, she will call you and cry on the phone till you don’t ask her million times why is she crying. No that doesn’t mean she will tell you after that. You’ll probably get annoyed but doesn’t stop asking her the reason. She would still be crying over phone, bud don’t hang up. She’s dramatic because she feels no one wants to talk about her problems, no one cares. Yeah, this might be difficult for you but please don’t get annoyed. She just thinks that she isn’t worth being cared about.

There will be nights when she will go out with her family and drink a bit too much. She will then send you snaps and might also call you when she’s drunk and talk about her one star is small and the other is bigger. She will talk the most possible bullshit but hey, listen to her. She sounds adorable when she is drunk. She loves taking pictures and she loves reading. She starts reading a book then finds another book and starts reading it. She never finishes her book. Well, she does. But that’s very rare.

Getting in bed isn’t difficult with her if she trusts you. But after all the pleasure you gave her in morning, she will have a break down at night because she now remembers how a guy sexually harassed her when she was in 8th. Everytime you both sexually intimate, she will smile and then cry.

Don’t ever ask her to go out for coffee, she hates it. In fact, she hates everything that has milk. Yeah, you might call her idiot because I called her that too, but that’s how she is. She hates coffee; she hesitates in having pizza too. Because she can’t tolerate so much cheese, it makes her puke.

She harms herself a lot. The bathroom floor and blade becomes her best friends at night. Despite telling her not to do it, she will do it. Let me tell you, she is very stubborn; and short tempered. Once she decides to do something, she makes sure she does it; even if it’s wrong. She’ll do it and then regret. That’s how she is.

If you say “ILY” or “ILoveYou” to her, she will believe it. So please don’t say it out for fun or out of friendship, because she takes everything too seriously and end up hurting herself.

But if you really love her, call her when she wakes up. Tell her you love her because she needs constant reminder. She will ask you suddenly at 2am if you still love her, she will do this quite often, but don’t get angry. She’s so used to being left out and get bored of. Tell her you love her whenever you can.

She loves forehead kisses and holding hands, she finds them the most adorable gesture so before you dream about touching her vagina touch her soul.
She stays up late night and wonder if “Happy Fanilies” really exist? But she still love her family. A lot.
She loves writing, but don’t ever ask her to write about you.I remember asking her when she will write she write about me and she gave me half smile and told me she only writes heart breaks. I remember how I promised that I’ll never be the reason for her write ups and poetry, but I know what her phone is full of now. She feels too much, too deep and also loves too much.

She will never let you go to bed upset. She will ask you a billion times even if you abuse her or yell at her. You might get irritated but please know that she does it because she knows how it feels to not have someone when you are about to fall apart. She knows what depression is. Because she has been depressed for months..

You might find her very clingy, annoying, and “too” much. But let me tell you, she just doesn’t want to lose you, she doesn’t want the conversation to end, she isn’t too much, she is just very sensitive.

So to the one who loves her next, please know that she is something so extraordinary and she’s a museum full of art and if you lose her, you’ll spend the rest of your life regretting. I know because I am.

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