Steps to SELF CARE

June 22, 2017

   1. Be Selfish
   Do things you love, things that make you happy. It’s okay to be          selfish most of the time, You don’t need to entertain people              everytime. 

   2. If you feel wrong, Don’t do it.
   You don’t need to do everything just because someone else loves       it. If you don’t feel it correct SAY NO!

   3. Say “EXACTLY” what you mean.
    You need to express your feelings, expressing feelings help you      become happy.

   4. Don’t be a people pleasure.
    You don’t have to do things everytime, Stop being people pleasure     everytime. Do things for yourself.  

   5. Never Give up on your dreams.
    Fulfilling your dreams create reasons to smile. Keep focusing on       your dreams, IF YOU CAN DREAM IT, YOU CAN DO IT.

   6. Don’t be afraid to say “YES”.
   7. Don’t be afraid to say “NO”.
   8. Be kind to yourself.
    I’m not saying you not to be kind to people around but your first         priority should be you, your happiness, your smile. BE KIND TO         YOURSELF.

   9. Let go what you can’t control.
    If you think things are not upto you, you can always let them go,         there are billions of stuffs in this world meant for you, Don’t let your     mood ruin for small stuffs.
10.  Edit your social media feeds, take out negative people
Social media affects our daily life so taking away negativity from social media is much important. You don’t need to delete negative people, you can just “mute” them.

11.  Have a self date
Spend time alone, do things that nourishes you.
12.  Ask for help
Big or small. But reach out.
13.  Help people
Help people may be with smallest things, opening door, carrying bag, donating little amount (may be Rs.10)
14.  Laugh
Take a good laugh, read couple of comic everyday.

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