“My life sucks!!” “I am a loser”. “I am so unlucky”. “She/he left me”. “My life is over”. “I should die and all problems will be ultimately solved”. These are some mundane thoughts that pop up in every individual’s mind who attempt to suicide or commit suicide. But wait, before attempting for suicide let’s have a close glance at its negative and positive aspects. Death is natural part of life. You have got a serious problem, and you can’t take it anymore. You decide to finish yourself and finish the problem, but do you think the problem really ends there? You will be dead and so will be your issues but what about your near and dear ones? What about their feelings, their happiness? Why are you being so selfish that because you can't fight alone you could skip your life not even caring about your parents and loved ones for once. There are some positive and permanent solutions too that you need to look out for.

1. Every problem has its solution

2. Things will change gradually

3. There is always a second option

4. Share your problems with your loved ones, they will definitely help you and suggest you something better.
5. You have never seen the future.

So, guys just don’t think only about yourself. Life is way too precious and you could achieve more by saving your life. Live your life like a real brave and bold person and face it. Remember there’s always a second option. Find it!!

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Name :- Sandesh Shah
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