Life : My extraordinary power

June 27, 2017

Since childhood I always wonder why things like life exist, which have to be followed by a death compulsorily. What is the reason behind the life. Not only for a human, but also for ant, elephant, mosquito, rabbit, earthworm, fish and everything. Like all the living beings. All are born by several different ways and have to spend a certain period on this earth and one day they have to die finally. If there’s birth then why death? If all are meant to vanish eventually then why they are given birth? I was very much philosophical in my childhood. I supposed I’m only one who can feel like. I’m a very special human on earth with some extraordinary power (although didn’t recognized my power), aimed to be any special kind of task on earth that happens in every fairy tales. I forgot fairy tales growing up an adult. But I still think about life and death. When I will die everything I have achieved till now will die with me. People will forget me in some years. For next generations I will be an unknown. My existence will vanish after decades. Even if I manage to achieve some extraordinary, I will be kept in the history pages and taught in schools like we have studied about Gautam Buddha, Gandhi, Abraham Lincoln, etc. extraordinaries. But I’m now realizing it little by little. I cannot change the nature. The birth and death. I have given only one power, a life. There is no point in stressing over what I can’t change. A lots of philosophers have already thought about it. They have put forth their philosophies about life in different ways but they also could not change the nature. Birth and death are not in our hands. But how to live is. How we use this power of being alive matters. So we have to use it in better way. We are on a mission on this earth. What is that? Some people know that some don’t. I also haven’t discovered it. But I believe I will do it one day. Till then I should keep manage to maintain Peace around me and try to rejoice what life has gifted to me.

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Name :- Suruchii Gupta
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